Battery Backup Power, Inc. Provides Resiliency To Payment Kiosks During Power Outages

Battery Backup Power, Inc. and Paralan Kiosk Solutions Integrate Automatic Backup Power Option Into Payment Kiosks Allowing The Payment Center To Continue Operating When A Power Outage Occurs.

Payment kiosks and credit card machines are used by utility companies, banks, and other payment collecting businesses. Electronic payment processing through a payment kiosk or credit card machine relies on clean, constant power throughout the entire process to work correctly. First, a customer initiates a transaction with the kiosk taking a credit card payment. Second, that recorded transaction is submitted to a credit card processing company or bank. Third, the processing company or bank will send back a confirmation or declination.

If power is lost at any point during the payment process, there are multiple issues that can affect the existing transaction and the unpowered machine is unable to take additional payments. These transaction issues can range from a confirmation/decline notice not getting back to the customer to a transaction not being submitted at all. Other problems resulting from power outages are long reboot times when power is restored to complete equipment failure. Replacement costs for equipment damaged by power issues are not covered by the electric utility company, but rather by the owner of the kiosk/credit card machine or in rare instances, by insurance. Transactions not submitted to the payment processing company or bank before the outage may be permanently lost if the machine does not recover, creating a customer service nightmare for the payment collector.

Battery Backup Power, Inc. of Costa Mesa, California and Paralan Kiosk Solutions of San Diego, California have tackled this problem which has plagued payment collectors since the beginning of electronic payment processing. The solution is Paralan Kiosk now offers the add-on option to customers to integrate a tested and certified Battery Backup Power, Inc. uninterruptible power supply (UPS) into their existing or new payment kiosk. For most kiosks, the add-on UPS module is mounted on a shelf by Paralan and shipped to the customer allowing for a quick and easy installation. The UPS allows existing transactions to complete when a power outage occurs and provides up to 30 minutes of automatic backup power depending on kiosk usage. For more information on payment kiosks and purchasing the add-on UPS module, please visit or contact Paralan Kiosk Solutions at (858) 560-7266. For more information on Battery Backup Power, Inc. custom backup solutions, please visit, email, or call (855) 330-7799.

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