We Saved His Job! 3D Print Job That Is.

Why the heck would anyone spend 30% to 50% of a 3D printer’s cost on an uninterruptible power supply?

Kyle, one of many professional 3D printer service providers that currently use a Battery Backup Power uninterruptible power supply (UPS) explains why in his message back to us.

“Several power outages in the last week. Rain is bad here, we are flooding right now. It’s [Battery Backup Power UPS] saved me during some massively expensive prints. I love coming home and seeing that my station is running while the house is out of power lol.”

Kyle is using a line interactive, extended run time, pure sine wave uninterruptible power supply designed for use with his specific printer. His investment in time and materials on each job is protected by the power conditioning and backup battery power provided by his uninterruptible power supply (UPS). When you run your 3D printing activities like a business, it pays to be protected. www.batterybackuppower.com

Battery Backup Power Saved Me Message
Battery Backup Power Saved Me Message

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