“Couldn’t Be Happier”, “You Guys…Are Amazing”

“It [Battery Backup Power Uninterruptible Power Supply] is working great and there were a few power outages and it kept everything on while it happened, so I could safely shut stuff down, couldn’t be happier” is the response from Dylan when asked about the performance of his Battery Backup Power, Inc. uninterruptible power supply (UPS). He followed up with “thank you, guys you are amazing”. Thanks Dylan! We think you and every 3D printer user is equally, if not more amazing.

Dylan is one of the growing number of 3D printer end users adapting Battery Backup Power technology to their 3D printers. He is using a line interactive, 900 watt maximum capacity, pure sinewave, extended runtime uninterruptible power supply (UPS) crammed with three batteries from Battery Backup Power, Inc. designed for use with additive manufacturing technology like 3D printers. He and others like him using Battery Backup Power, Inc. systems with their 3D printers are establishing an edge in the 3D printing services market by minimizing materials waste, cutting down on building flaws, and reducing job queue restarts due to power inconsistencies and outages.

I Couldn't Be Happier With Battery Backup Power, Inc.
I Couldn’t Be Happier With Battery Backup Power, Inc.

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