About Us

Battery Backup Power, Inc. focuses on industrial, medical, laboratory, and specialized energy storage and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. Current clients include utility companies with the critical infrastructure designation, government agencies, laboratories, hospitals, universities, professional racing series, IT data centers, 3D printing manufacturers and end users, consumers, security vendors, and many more.  

Battery Backup Power Ford Transit
Battery Backup Power Ford Transit For Local Delivery

Standard configurations of uninterruptible power supplies and units already matched to specific equipment are available for purchase online at the Battery Backup Power, Inc. online store (www.backupbatterypower.com). Custom solutions are available as well. Custom UPS systems with specific battery run times and other special requirements can be built to match almost any project or equipment.  

Battery Backup Power Warehouse
Battery Backup Power Warehouse

The company is privately held. It was founded by Ross Modglin. Ross spent 10 years managing IT equipment and uninterruptible power supplies for over 1,000 devices in rural parts of the United States. Frustrated by prolonged power outages, constant voltage fluctuations, burned out equipment, and other power related issues that challenged his 99% IT up time requirement, Ross decided to build a UPS brand focused on extended run times, reliability, and durability.

Ross Modglin of Battery Backup Power, Inc.
Ross Modglin of Battery Backup Power, Inc.

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